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Vintage Zuni Knifewing Buckle

Vintage Zuni Knifewing Buckle

$ 2,500

C.G. Wallace era Zuni Knifewing buckle set from the collection of ‘Madame Millie’.
She was born in 1906 and worked as a ‘Fred Harvey’ girl with her sister after they were orphaned, at the hotels/railroad.
When her sister became ill, Millie realized she had to do something more to keep a roof over both their heads. She became a Madame and eventually owned brothels from Silver City to Ketchikan. There is a book available on Amazon
about her life called, ‘Madame Millie’ by Max Evans.
The buckle is from the C.G. Wallace era (1930's-40's) and has gorgeous natural turquoise stone (some Blue Gem), jet, coral, and mother of pearl.
It will accommodate a belt 1” wide and has two original keepers and tip.   

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