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Social Responsibility

We support First Nations peoples through ethical sourcing practices and philanthropic giving. We have longstanding relationships with artists and dealers throughout Native communities, and we are committed to best practices regarding the provenance, identification, and authentication of all of our jewelry.

We also give back to Native American communities through a number of charitable organizations: we have supported the American Indian College Fund, the Apache Skateboard Team, and One Spirit Lakota among others.

Antique Tribal Arts Dealers Association
Southwestern Jewelry is a longstanding member of the ATADA, the Antique Tribal Arts Dealers Association, the gold-standard organization dedicated to promoting ethical collecting practices and educating the public about indigenous art.



We are a proud part of the movement towards environmental consciousness. By shopping with us--and shopping vintage--you are helping to build a more sustainable fashion industry for our future. Vintage jewelry is the most earth-friendly option out there because no new resources are consumed to produce it. 

Our contemporary collection is crafted by independent craftspeople and artisans. That includes the metals and stones--in fact, most of the stones in our jewelry can only be found in the United States. When you shop with us, you're shopping American made start to finish.