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French Vogue 2010 Tom Ford Issue

French Vogue 2010 Tom Ford Issue

French Vogue-December 2010
Joyeux Noel Monsieur Ford
'Pussy West'

Necklace and bracelets
By Kenneth Johnson

Kenneth Johnson [Muscogee/Seminole] is a contemporary Native American designer and accomplished metalsmith working in copper, silver, gold, platinum and palladium.

Bracelet: "Eclipse" 18k gold with black garnet druzy moon on the back of a turtle set in the night sky with platinum stars. Fully detailed on the inside with Seminole patchwork designs. $25,000

Bracelet (right): "Emergence" with Ivory Billed Woodpecker motif accented with 18k colored golds, fossilized ivory and diamonds. The inside is detailed with Moundbuilder motifs signifying the path of a prayer emerging through the surface (Center stone). $35,000

Photograper: Terry Richardson
Stylist: Julia Von Boehm

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