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Happy Valentine's Day❤️

Happy Valentine's Day❤️

Here's a bowl of eye candy for you! 

Dan Simplicio Pin: P-954

Vintage rings: (Clockwise from top)

R-2127  Vintage Cluster-Size: 10.5  $150.

R-2134  Branch coral ring: Size: 4   $55

R-753  Turquoise & Branch Coral  Size: 9.5  $75.

R-2121 Coral Cluster Size: 6.5  $245.

R-1463 Turquoise & Coral Size: 12  $280.

R-2118 Coral Sunface Size: 4.5  $55.


BR-2369  Coral by Orville Tsinnie $2100.

BR-2038  Coral by Wilson Begay $475.


N-2232  Six Strand  $2850.

N-2066  26 Strand Pueblo Coral SOLD

N-2150  Vintage Coral With Turquoise Jaclas SOLD

N-2186  Coral and Turquoise Double Strand  $1850.

N-2063  Ten Strand Coral Pueblo Necklace  $1550.



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